Unique Invitations for Your Quince

Ivett Romo

If you want to impress your guests from start to end,  begin by sending out unique and distinctive  invitations. Choosing an invitation is not easy, but you  can base your choice on your party’s theme to keep the  search simple.

For example, if you selected a spring theme for your party, get pastel-colored invitations decorated with flowers and butterflies. You can ask for three-fold invitations and write different information in each panel. For instance, you can write your name in the first, the names of your court of honor and godparents in the second, and the date and place of the celebration in the last.

If you decided to have a beach theme, you can have your invitations shaped like palm trees, starfish, seashells, beach balls, or dolphins. To give them a more tropical look, use red, orange, and green.

A much more modern and unique invitation is sending your guests a PowerPoint presentation on a CD. You may include pictures of your childhood, your favorite music, and everything you like! Don’t forget to include the date and place of your celebration on the last slide.

  • Tip
    Order your invitations three months prior to your celebration and send them out six weeks before your Quince. Include an R.V.S.P. card to confirm and have an idea of how many guests will attend.

Ivett Romo

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