12 Days of Holiday Style Every Fashionista Will Love

Jackie Mejia

Make sure to make your outfit pop with one of these pieces (or similar) to flaunt your holiday style this month!

The holidays should be more about style than hassle.

Whether you are making tamales on Christmas Eve or heading to an outdoor skating rink with your friends, we’ve got the fashion styles for the twelve days of Christmas that will have you ready to receive Santa Claus looking glam.

1) Ice Skating Get-Together with a scarf or cute cozy sweater

When heading to an ice skating rink, choose clothes that are warm and that you can layer on. You want to easily be able to twirl around without a scarf slapping you in the face!


2) Gingerbread House Baking Session in Comfort

The good thing about making gingerbread houses is that pretty much all the ingredients are not dry, meaning that those candy bits, frosting and other decorations won’t get on your clothing as much as flour and sugar would. Just be careful when putting down that gumdrop roof!


3) Walking Tour of Christmas Lights

Make sure to wear a sturdy pair of boots paired up with a flirty skirt when out on the town. You’ll want to avoid any blisters when gazing up at all of the holiday sparkle Christmas lights provide.


4) Family Holiday Style Party

Add a burst of color to your family’s holiday party by wearing a classic dress, a crop top/skirt combo or a shiny emsemble paired with ladylike heels. Add a pair of gold earrings for the finishing touch on a sophisticated outfit Audrey Hepburn would be proud of.


5) Holiday High School Dance in Style

Stun your classmates in an unexpected wintery combo. Pair a white lace dress with a high bun, silver studs and some seriously silver heels. Voila, go dance the night away, girl!


6) Holiday Shopping Marathon

The key to shopping in style during the holidays is to wear a pair of comfortable jeans and some stylish sneakers for added comfort.


7) Date Night with Your Crush Holiday Style!

While you enjoy a movie and grab a bite to eat with your crush, wear a daring lipstick that will make you feel confident, inside and out. You want to show off that sparkling smile you have!


8) Nutcracker Night at the Theater

Enjoy a night of sugar plum fairies while wearing a delicate black dress with lace sleeves. Wear a pair of black opaque tights to save you from shivering in your seat.


9) Gift Exchange with Your Friends

Make an entrance as one of your friend’s secret Santa. Wear fringe booties with tights and a cute cocktail dress.


10) Movie Night In

After a full schedule of holiday festivities, it’s nice to just lounge around in your pajamas and eat some popcorn while watching some Christmas classics.

11) Tamale-Making Day with the Family

Roll up your sleeves and let a colorful apron do the talking! Help abuela make that masa in these colorful creation.


12) Midnight Mass

Celebrate one of the most festive religious holidays in a demure but still eye-catching dress.


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