3 Ways to Tackle Nervousness the day of your Quinceanera

Jocelyn Pasillas

Maintaining yourself mentally and physically prepared the day of your quinceanera will help you enjoy your celebration ten times more!

The day of your Quince can be a roller coaster of emotions due to the nerves and tense you have to make everything you worked hard for come out perfect. The way you take care of yourself  in the morning can be a big toll to boost up your confidence on the best day of your life!

No matter what the problem is remember to always stay positive, and enjoy your day to full capacity!


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Wake up your skin with the Clean & Clear morning burst facial cleanser. Its soothing beads will energize your skin while its vibrant smell will tingle up your senses! Your mood will instantly change. A clean and refreshing sensation for sure gets you ready to start off your day without feeling too sleepy. Plus, a great skin care is much needed to stay away from breakouts!


A fresh and clean mouth is a much better feeling. Saving it for last means having to deal with morning breath until you’re almost ready to start off your day. Get it over with and feel more secure not only about your breath but smile as well! A clean feeling overall, just makes everything much better.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s no joke! Your body needs all the energy and nutrients, the best time to consume all of that is with a big meal. It’s important to do so before getting ready since sometimes we girls take such a long time to get ready then end up rushing our meal.

No matter how nervous you are, make sure you take care of these three and after doing so we guarantee you: the rest will run smooth because a fresh face, a pretty smile and a full tummy can take over the world!


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