5 Fashion Trends All Guys Should Follow

Jacob Rodriguez

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If you’re the kind of gal who likes to shop for her friends, boyfriend or brothers then pay attention to what I’m about to lay down for you…


Currently, is the hottest thing! But did it really go out of fashion ever? Stripes look cool in both formal and casual wear, and if worn the right way, can make a very nice look to your outfit. Tank tops, t-shirts, dress shirts, it’s all good

Bold Colors!


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Every fashion guru’s favorite advice: add some color to your wardrobe! Go all bold and bright this season, especially during summer and spring. Different shades of neon to blood pumping red to tangerine (because orange is the new black!) will make sure there are no holds barred.

Denim: the Must of All Fashion Trends!


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Denims are a very versatile fabric, something that’s worn even by the top designers of the world including Gucci, Saint Laurent or Tom Ford. Whether casual or tailored, denims enable you to get many different cool looks with equal style. Just combine a denim shirt and jeans with a nice blazer and boots for that raw, grunge look.

You can also wear your washed denim jacket with a white tee, a different color of jeans and sneakers for a more sporty/casual look.

Get painted!


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Prints are everywhere in menswear, and the good news is that you can find them in all types-splashes, mellow and bold. In fact I’d say that in spring and summer we’ll see different pieces of clothes with a lot of different prints. You can be a little creative and look for pieces with bold-color swirl prints or neutral color mosaic prints. Plus my sources tell me that floral print is going to clearly dominate the scene this season!

They can come in shirts, tees, bottoms or even shoes and accessories, but the trick is to always frame them with less attention-grabbing neutrals. Bottom line, you can rock the colors and floral prints and still look cool and masculine.

Suede is in!


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Whether jackets or shirts, suede is something you must consider having it in your closet. The fabric works great between cooler summer/spring nights to chilly winter days. It’s a great alternative for a leather jacket. And guess what, it also comes in different colors. Suede shirts normally come in blue, black and brown colors-and for the edgy ones- mustard red and green can be the go-to color.

Well, that’s your fashion 411 for now, until next time. And remember….If you can dream it you can do it.

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