5 Vintage Fashion IG Accounts To Follow

Grecia Hernandez

Do you have a passion for fashion?

You’re always down to spend your weekends at thrift shops looking for vintage items?

If you have a unique style and love vintage fashion, then this has your name on it!

Follow these accounts to get a sense of how you can put your outfits together without having to spend a fortune. Thrift shops, swap meets and “hand me downs” pieces are ideal to create a truly vintage look.

#1  Pin up girl chica: Ella

Ella effortlessly pulls the most awesome and cutesy pin-up inspired looks.

A photo posted by Ella (@missvictoryviolet) on

#2 Amelia Brading: Fashion Blogger

Amelia has an eclectic and daring taste for fashion, she’s definitely a trendsetter!

#3 Buffalo Exchange Clothing Store

Have stuff you no longer want/need? Visit your nearest Buffalo Exchange and trade it for store credit. Yes! You can easily walk home with genuine vintage pieces.

#4 Bethany: Costume design student

Not only does Bethany has a taste for retro fashion but her makeup skills are also on fleek.

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#5 Oxfam Online Shop




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