7 Manicure Care Beauty Tips for Quinceaneras

Farheen Salman

If you think every time you desire to have perfect nails you have to pay a visit to a salon, let me tell you otherwise!

Flaunting a gorgeous manicure plays a key role in your overall appearance and persona. Proper nail treatment, done at home can bring phenomenal results if you follow the right method. 

Take a look at these top seven nail beautification tips and tricks to make your nails picture-perfect at all times:

1- Dodge Mani Bubbles

Bubbles can come out for not letting the enamel dry properly between layers causing air to remain between the layers causing annoying bubbles. The best thing would be to wait for 5 to 10 minutes between the first and the second layers.

The second and no less usual reason is to stir the enamel pot instead of moving it. The correct way is to position it between the two hands and make it roll between them. In this way, we avoid creating air in the enamel and transfer to our manicure.

2- Protect your Nails from Stains

To achieve a mani look almost as if was made by a professional, it is necessary that before starting with the color, apply a thin base coat to protect them from the stains that can cause the colored enamel.

When applying the first layer, a sticky base will be created that will make the color varnish that you apply then adhere with much more firmness. This will make the color become even, without lines or coarse grooves, as with the marks left by the brush when used on the nail without prior preparation.

3- Apply Nail Polish the Right Way

According to professional makeup artists and stylist it is always a good move to apply the nail polish in two thin layers, instead of applying a thick coat. A single thick layer will be peeled off. You should always slide the brush over the nails with long strokes, starting from the cuticle to the tip of the nail.

4- Avoid Chipping or Breaking of Nail Polish

If you try to paint on the chipped part of the nail polish, this will create an uneven layer that will cause lumps. Instead, first remove the part of the nail polish that has come off with the drop of a nail polish remover. This flattening surface can easily be painted over a new layer of nail color.

5- Clean Nail Polish off Your Cuticles

Remove nail polish from your cuticles. When you have finished painting your nails, dip a brush into the nail polish remover. Gently remove the nail polish from your cuticles by going around with the brush. Gently wipe it over areas of skin or cuticles covered with paint with the help of a cotton cloth.

6- Let Your Polish Dry

Let your nails to dry for an hour completely. Avoid using blow dryers to dry your nails. Naturally drying you nail polish will not only prevent bubble popping but it will also provide a much glossy look.

7- Apply a Top Coat

The main function of the top layer is to seal it and eliminate the imperfections, in addition to lengthening the duration of the color of your nails and, thus, avoid to make retouching for a long time. If you want your manicure to look more professional and glossy, you can use a high shine fast drying top coat.

Farheen Salman

Author Farheen Salman

Farheen Salman is a health and beauty blogger at FS Fashionista, she is currently working as a beauty consultant for Karina Brush for its brand awareness campaign.

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