All You Need to Know About Athleisure Wear for the Fall

Samantha Olivier

Since the era of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne and other internet-famous supermodels came to the scene, a quiet but a powerful force started slowly entering the world of fashion with them. No, it is not elegant at all – it is all around casual. We might even say too casual. Oh, and it is comfy and stretchy too. This force is called the athleisure trend and basically it means that now, in the year 2016, you can without hesitation put on your yoga pants, sneakers and hoodie and go for a casual walk and maybe even a cup of coffee with your girlfriends without having anyone look at you in a queer way.


If you like the idea of athleisure wear, but haven’t yet tried it, here is how to sport it up.

athleisure wear trend

Gigi Hadid rocking the athleisure trend! Photo by Popsugar.

Do’s and don’ts of athleisure


First of all, never be afraid to experiment and mix and match. For example, you can combine your boots and jeans with a vintage hoodie. Next, the golden rule of wearing yoga pants or leggings: your butt has to be covered. Simply, wearing these pants anywhere else but the gym without covering your bottom may seem vulgar. Tie a flannel shirt around your waist and you’re good to go. Next, and a very important, actually the most important rule of all is that you MUST separate your athleisure pieces from your training pieces – the clothes you wear outside the gym need always to look brand new.


Photo by Cella Jane.


Don’t ever look sloppy. Ever. Don’t forget about your signature style – you don’t have to choose colorful pieces if you are fan of monochrome combinations, and of course, don’t EVER wear clothes with stains and tears.

Creativity is the key

The longer you observe, the more options and ideas will start appearing in front of you. The great thing about fitness clothes is that it has evolved so much that you can even make it look elegant in some situations. Who can tell you not to wear sneakers with jeans and a blazer? That’s right, nobody. Tracksuit and a winter coat? Go for it. When you are in school you can put on your white sneakers, white tracksuit and a white wrap jacket – just be careful with your food. If you are not a fan of monochrome, try adding some color. The most important thing is that you mustn’t be afraid of improvising and if you are in any type of doubt, opt for neutrals (you know, geometric patterns, black, grey, nude etc.). You have to understand that there are no specific rules except those do’s and don’ts.

Photo by Fashion Coolture.

Photo by Fashion Coolture.

Worldwide phenomenon

Many designers, from Gucci to Versace, have really gone nuts about the athleisure trend. It is simply the fact that people love comfy and stylish stuff – which is perfectly logical, and they probably thought: why wouldn’t we make tracksuits a hit once again? Many superstars, like Rihanna for example, have embraced the athleisure trend a lot earlier, as hipsters would say – before it was even cool. She rocked all kinds of cool tracksuit combinations, like that one time she showed up in Brooklyn in a fun green Gucci tracksuit – which you wouldn’t even think was a tracksuit. Or when she rocked the full black tracksuit and orange coat? You go girl.

Also, RiRi isn’t the only one. There are also Kim Kardashian, the youngest fashion icon Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Beyonce, etc.

So there you have it, your guidebook through the interesting phenomenon called athleisure trend. Remember: try out different things and don’t be afraid of experimenting. The most important thing is that you have fun and to enjoy it to the fullest. Mobile App

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Samantha Olivier

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