Beauty habits before your Quinceañera

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Looking beautiful comes from inside; follow these tips to achieve a flawless look.

A Quinceañera celebration is an unforgettable moment for which you want to look as beautiful as possible. Make this dream come true by following these beauty habits a few months before your special day.


1. Beautiful, inside and out. In order to look good you must feel good. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, working out and sleeping at least eight hours each night are vital for you to look flawless and radiant. If you keep up with a healthy routine and these beauty habits and you’ll see a change in your body, skin and hair.

2. Soft and moist skin. Take care of your skin, it is important to moisture it daily, especially right before your party. Moisture your skin months prior to your Quince celebration, this will help your skin look soft and fresh.

3. Healthy and shiny hair. It is essential to take care of your hair; you can do this at home by applying only quality products such as Suave Professionals® to hydrate your hair so it looks flawless and with volume during your Quince.

4. The BIG day. Bathe yourself to calm the nerves just before the party. Do not overdo your makeup. Try Dove® deodorants and dance the night away. And most importantly enjoy such a special celebration with your family and friends. Follow these great beauty habits and you’ll be perfectly okay!

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