Celeb-approved organic care for 2017

Mia Taylor

Looking fabulous always comes at a cost, and we mean it both literally and metaphorically; rarely anyone manages to pull off celebrity-inspired glam by washing their face with baby soap or their hair with a random drugstore product that rounds up at a price of three or four dollars. Sure, when there are no better options on hand, go with the drugstore recommended, but when there are – give yourself the right to indulge, especially during the upcoming festive season, when we’re all about glittery dreams and shiny hopes for the future.

And guess what? Beauty glam is sparkling organic this season. While we aren’t that accustomed to hearing celebrities promote their organic favorites or even talk about their organic beauty lines, this season we’ve managed to dig a little deeper and get a countdown of their favorite organic treats. Some of the products were celebrity-launched which is super exciting! Don’t you think this is the right time to treat yourself to some organic beauty healthy? We sure do!

Here’s a list of celebrity-approved organic care products to turn you into a real Red Carpet material.

Without further ado:

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-9-30-26-amGive your skin the chance to feel organic, and you’ll be stunned at the results. No, it’s not the typical beauty industry jibber jabber; organic products are one with nature and as such – are very powerful remedies for virtually all segments of our lives.

One of the brilliant people in the industry who actually understands what organic is all about is the amazing Susanne Kaufmann. She’s originally developed her result-oriented, powerful products for the spa in her family’s hotel, the Hotel Post Bezau in the Bregenz Forest in Austria. However, like it (almost) always happens with quality, today – her products are internationally renowned.

As it’s often acknowledged by the most powerful hair experts in the field, “her hair care line in particular will turn your shower into an otherworldly spa experience” and the results will be as powerful as you’d expect them to be. Also, how chic is the packaging?



We’d be lying if we said we don’t get a rush of excitement each time a celebrity pops out a line of products or clothes on the market; still, we’re very aware that there are celebrities who slap their name on any ol’ product, hoping to make a sale without actually offering quality. That’s the kind of celebs we don’t like.

Fortunately, the gorgeous Selma Hayek is a celeb who truly loves and believes in what she’s created and that’s why we adore Nuance.

With her CVS-based line of hair and makeup products, Hayek is very respected and her products adored. It’s really cute that “one Allure editor with superfine hair keeps a bottle at her desk at all times for midday touch-ups”. At a point, she’s explained: “I hate products that are too sticky or heavy, but this spray feels light on my roots and gives me tons of volume that lasts all day.”Amazing!



Drew Barrymore is one of those celebs we’ve always adored, and we do more so now that she’s got a nature-respected beauty line which ranges from lip glosses to makeup brushes and is absolutely amazing. The products are gentle and subtle on the skin but do posses the necessary longevity we’re all looking to get.  And guess the yet another phenomenal aspect of the line? It’s a Walmart-exclusive brand! Affordability AND quality! Thank you, Drew. We love you.

Dr Hauschka


Not many brands can pride themselves on the ultimate quality, but Dr Hauschka sure can. Celebrity-approved, the brand prides on the best natural skin care, health and beauty products and they come at a very affordable price (which we all know plays a grand role in anything organic). I personally use it and love it. You can always order Dr Hauschka products online or find a store near you.

Kora organics

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-9-36-02-amWho are we to trust if not the gorgeous Miranda Kerr when it comes to organic excellence in skincare. KORA is the thing, definitely.

As Kerr says: “These products help detoxify and recharge your skin with antioxidants, like noni and rose-hip oil, without any of the harmful ingredients”, and we’re excited. Ms K also notes the products contain more than 100 vitamins and minerals which is pretty spectacular. We’re on board, definitely.

Enjoy your festive seasons, dolls – and treat yourselves to a product that suits your skin and lifestyle best!

Mia Taylor

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