Christmas Sweaters: the Uglier, the Better

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Old sweaters with reindeer bells gifted by grandma were the worst things anyone could possibly receive on Christmas, well not anymore… 


Times have changed and what was once out of fashion is now publicly accepted and even celebrated! Ugly Christmas sweater parties are now the norm and as it turns out, the uglier it is, the bigger hit it is as well.

The most extreme of these types of festive sweaters are battery powered with multicolored colored twinkle flashing lights or color changing sweaters that are custom dyed to change from pink to white with heat!

A few years ago, Brian Miller and Adam Paulson, two fraternity brothers from Indiana State University, got into the business of selling the festive apparel. In 2008 they sold 40 sweaters at $24 a pop and every year after sales and prices have increased. It is crazy to think such a profit could result from the hideous pieces!

Luckily, thanks to how popular it has become, purchasing ugly Christmas sweaters is not the only option. These are your most viable options:

a) Ask your grandma to gift you one

b) Look for a somewhat ugly Xmas sweater and purchase it, try JCPenney or Sears

c) DIY!

Here are a few of our favorite DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters:


1) Are these similar to what your grandma might get you this year?


2) Plan to go overboard if you wish. “Less is more” does not apply to this festivity!


3) Pick one in your favorite color!


4) Use a quote from a holiday movie, like in this case: Home Alone


5) Select a regular red & green sweater and turn it into an ugly Christmas sweater!


6) Choose any Christmas sweater with a exaggerated design


7) Use Christmas lights as if you were decorating your Xmas tree


8) Have your dogs be part of your Ugly Christmas Sweater


9) Wear matching sweaters with your BF or BFF


10) Pick any sweater and add to it!


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