Denim Outfits You Should Already Have in Your Closet

Jazmin Alvarez

We loved the suede and metallic trends this season, it’s the denim trend that we can’t stop talking about.

The wide variety of denim on store racks is hotter than ever! Take a look at the denim outfits that will be super popular this season before you know it.


Your mom made you wear overalls as a little girl and you probably thought they were out of style in your pre-teen years. But they’ve officially made a comeback and since then we can’t stop spotting celebs like Zendaya, Vannessa Hudgens, and Jennifer Lopez wearing them.


Shorts are always evolving and this time it’s high waisted shorts we’re obsessed with. Ripped, dark denim, light denim, with embroidered embellishments – you’ll see all kinds of styles next time you hit the mall. Pair your high waisted shorts with a crop top and a plaid long sleeve for the evening.


Denim on denim is a hot trend but can be difficult to pull off. Try dark denim high waisted jeans and a light half sleeved denim shirt (tucked in). Finish your look with strapped heels and round vintage shades. Trust us, every fashionista will want to copy your look.


Long denim skirts with buttons down the middle seem to be on everyone’s shopping list this season. Whether you’re into the hippie or the preppy style, anyone can pull it off!


Denim jackets are a staple fashion item because they can be worn casually or to a fancy outing. It’s the ultimate must-have piece to complete any outfit. Nowadays, fashion gurus tie them around their waist for a preppy vibe.


All denim everything! When you think ‘there can’t be anymore denim’, you would not be able to resist the bodycon denim dresses! App

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