Fall Fashion Trends to Wear Now

Jazmin Alvarez

Summer ended with a blink of an eye and now it’s fall that we’re looking forward to especially because this year’s fall fashion trends are hotter than ever!


What did New York Fashion Week have in store for us as fall fashion trends this 2018? Take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Layered Jewelry

Scratch chokers off the list, layered necklaces and rings are the new edge. Make this your new go-to, show off your neck with different length necklaces and finish up your look with stacked rings.

Sock Boots

Similar to the ankle boots, sock boots are slightly higher and hug on to your leg, they are now a popular fashion item. Last fall we saw over-the-knee boots, but this time around we see the preference. Be sure to include this in your shopping list or for Christmas. Wear them with jeans, black tights, or a dress. You will turn heads everywhere you go, guaranteed.

Teddy Sweater

Add some excitement to your wardrobe with a teddy sweater! Dare to try this trendsetting piece?


Thought turtlenecks were boring? Think again! Woven turtlenecks will keep you warm while adding a sleek look to your overall outfit. Team yours with a pencil skirt or ripped jeans!

Earthy Tones

Divine and simple…we’re talking about this year’s fall colors: earthy-tones . Instead of opting in for the traditional dark colors of fall, look for blouses, long coats, or pants in dusty pink. Fashion gurus are combining neutral colors for a don’t-mess-with-me vibe.


Animal Print

We didn’t see this coming BUT animal print is back! Cheetah, snake, and leopard print is seen on literally any clothing piece (IT’S THAT SERIOUS)!


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