Faux Fur Clothing Essentials for the Chilly Season

Jocelyn Pasillas

Pick up your warm handcrafted Starbucks drink and dress in faux fur clothing! Holiday season is finally here and it’s starting to feel like it too, so layer-up while keeping it stylish.

Fashion outbreak: After the chaotic break and ban of animal cruelty, faux fur has risen in popularity as a new luxury piece of fashion. Consider this the new ‘ballin’ on a budget’ look.

Take a look at our favorite pieces.

Faux fur Jackets

Also similar to the infamous teddy sweaters, keep your unbothered look when throwing on a snuggly faux fur jacket. We get it, finding the perfect jacket that won’t throw off your baddie look is hard, which is why these jackets are a win-win for everyone! Look good and stay warm all season long.

Furry Accessories

Complete your look with the cutest accessories ever. Perfectly fitted for any style, get creative and add a touch of fluff to your Holiday fashion. From hair clips for a chic vibe to hats, scarfs, and purses that will add on to your frosty fits.

Faux fur Coat

Consider this the only opportunity to potentially throw on a blanket and call it fashion. Snuggle on the go and make your big debut when walking in with your stylish coat. Whether you’re running errands or attending a friendsgiving, this will fur-sure turn heads.


Shoes + Faux Fur= Heaven

Take your look to the next level! Imagine how warm your feet will be when slipping into these babies!? Get your hands on them quick before they completely sell out. Make a statement when stepping in a holiday party with faux fur from head to toe.

Take a look at the fall fashion trends to style-in this season!

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