Four Easy Peasy Manicures

Grecia Hernandez

Trying out new clothes, changing your hair and getting new shoes are great ways to keep your look interesting, but what about your nails?

Sporting a different shade each week could also do wonders! Getting your nails done relaxes you, keeps you occupied and gives you a chance to get creative.

Take advantage and practice the next up-and-coming easy peasy manicures ideas. You’ll be painting your nails like a pro in no time!

Rainbow Nails

If it’s been a while since you purchased nail polish and you might not have enough to do both hands, no worries! Grab five colors that would look well together and paint only one nail from each hand.

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A Romantic Manicure for a Date Night

White and pink are so incredibly girly together! This simple manicure can be done in a rush and in any shade of these fabulous colors. Glitter really spices things up!

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Two-Shaded Decor!

A French manicure is the timeless classic that never fails! If you want to do something feminine with a touch of spunk, try covering your nails with a neutral color and add a neon or colorful french tip.

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The Ultimate Summer Colors

Some may say that combining similar colors won’t match. Be daring with a tropical orange mixed with some fruit-punch red! It can’t get better and more refreshing than these two together, unless you add green…

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Save your allowance and keep it for your Quinceanera. Grab some nail polish and practice these super cute, do-it-yourself manicures.

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