Get Glowing Skin Eating Seasonal Fruits

Grecia Hernandez

Aside from being extra delicious, these seasonal fruits can also give you glowing skin.

We have gathered five of our favorite spring fruits that don’t only promote healthy eating but will also instantly change the complexion of your skin in no time.

Fruits that will help getting glowing skin

1) Lemon

This acid fruit contains high vitamin c and acts like an excellent cleanser, lightening spots and blemishes, reducing acne scars and even cellulite. You can start by either drinking one glass of warm water with a bit of lemon juice or by making a super effective lemon homemade facial. After implementing this fruit into your daily routine, you’ll see how easy it is to eat healthy and getting glowing skin.

2) Mango
The king of all fruits is loaded with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that target hunger but are also great for your skin. If you want a pimple-free picture-perfect face, munch on these delectable treats and embrace your new glowing skin. Mango also benefits your hair and contains cancer preventing properties.

3) Avocado
Yes, avocado is a fruit! The fats in avocados are proven to moisture the many layers of your skin. Suffer for redness and irritation? Avocado contains Omega-9 which repairs damaged skin cells leaving your skin healthy, soft and wrinkle-free. Eating avocados keeps your heart healthy.

4) Kiwi
Keep your face fresh and gorgeous eating kiwis! Also a great option for an acne-free face, kiwis improves the digestive system therefore decreasing the amount of acne. Say goodbye to expensive skin treatments and achieve glowing skin adding kiwis to your daily diet.

5) Strawberries
Want a healthier face? Want to keep your skin looking young in the near future? Strawberries are the way to go as these contain more vitamin C in comparison to other fruits hence the benefit will be greater. Strawberries hydrate your skin and keep it smooth for years to come.

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