Hair Trends to Try At Least Once in Your Life

Grecia Hernandez

The best years to make a fool out of ourselves, is when we’re teenagers.

Just ask your parents! I’m sure they have embarrassing pictures of a funky outfit or a crazy hairstyle LOL!

If you’re at that stage in your life where you feel daring yet you don’t know which route to go, take a look at the next fierce styles.

Maybe one of these hair trends will do for you!

Platinum Hair

Platinum colored hair is in style! Who would’ve thought embracing grey hair would be such an uplifting trend everybody wants to try.

Pink Toned Hair

Sounds a little too intense right? Which is why we dare you to do it! Kim Kardashian recently did it and so many other beauty influencers have been influenced themselves to try this daring look.

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I miss the baby pink hair 💗

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Short Hair

You must try short hair at least once! Pros about doing so are: your hair will be healthy and you’re automatically considered a very daring girl.

Step out of your comfort zone.


Want to go blonde but not completely? Start off by dying your hair ombre. Your hair will be partially blonde which is what most hairstylist suggest. Plus this look never fails!

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Guuurllll!!! The back of your head is RIDICULOUS!!!!!

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When we say braids, we don’t mean 2 strands of french braids... we’re talking about Fulani braids. This hairstyle, very popular among African American women was first seen back in 2000 when Alicia Keys was seen styling this gorgeous look. Now we see celebrities all over the world embracing this fabulous look.

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Lost files

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