10 Elegant Hairstyles for Homecoming

Jazmin Alvarez

Regardless if you choose an up-do or a down do, the ideal hairstyles for homecoming are soft, elegant, effortless, and timeless. Braids, low up-dos, and soft waves are gorgeous options for an all-eyes-on-me look without overdoing it.homecoming-hairstyles

Have an over-the-top voluminous hairstyle in mind? Save it for prom since it’s the perfect occasion to go all out!

Browse through the following head-turning hairstyles for homecoming and find the one that complements your dress.


Styling your hair to the back, or out the way can make you feel so much comfortable. If this is your case, we recommend you slick it into a ponytail or up-do.



Down Dos

We can’t stop talking about loose waves because it mimics effortless beauty. If you have long bangs, make sure to curl them back to frame your face. If neither down-dos nor up-dos convince you, opt in for a half-up hairstyle that will allow you to show off your neckline and long earrings.

Curly hair with Hair Pinned Back 

Via Instagram: @blushbeautybar

Natural Curls with a Flower Crown 


Via Instagram: @sexymakeupstudio

Curly to straight

Want something for a change? Surprise your friends by straightening your super curly hair or curling your everyday straight hair. This never fails!

Via Instagram: @blushbeautybar


For a simple delicate, look, a braid will do!


Which homecoming hairstyle screams YOU? Comment below!

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