Headbands, The Ideal Summer Hair Accessories

Gabriela Alvarado
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 Pictures taken by Darren Collier and Steven Heineman.

Bright colors and bohemian accessories are now in trend and perhaps the main one driving Quinceaneras crazy are these hair accessories: headbands. And who is to blame them? These are fashionable and most importantly, show the personality of whoever is wearing it.

This around the head accessory is perfect for those who wish to dress in a fun and casual style. The style is perfect for long and short hair, wavy, curly, straight and many more. There are plenty of different headbands to match accordingly to your outfit that are perfect to wear as one of many hair accessories.

The best of trending headbands is that they are available for purchase almost everywhere. Stores like Target, Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, TJ Max and Sally’s Beauty Suply offer these lovely pieces at different prices and styles. You can even make them yourself, knitting one or using a scarf and its fabric. Use your imagination and add your own touch of creativity!

If you are still not sure about this summer accessory, here is a gallery with different styles and ways of highlighting this tendency.




Gabriela Alvarado

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