How to Dress Like a Fashion Editor

Mia Taylor

“You either know fashion or you don’t”

  • Anna Wintour

With a careful observation (and admiration) of the world’s most impeccably dressed women, what absolutely rings in mind is the fact that style is not just about aesthetic appeal but about intellectualization of wardrobe and its purpose. Sure, talking about fashion can always go a very long way (do we even dare start talking about its roots and overall world-admitted influence?) but this time around we’ll try to form a pithy summarization inspired by some of the amazing fashion editors around the globe, and see if we’ve got the potential to pull their ideas off.

A word

Before we go into any of the easy-to-copy outfit combinations, we’d like to emphasize the importance of having your own voice and style; naturally, finding inspiration in fashion editors’ outfits and building your own chic on the idea is great, but you do need to find an independent voice you’ll rely on even when there is no editor inspiration around to rely on.

Stay on trend

Fashion editors manage to always look over the moon simply because they know fashion, they’re on point and keep up with every trend, and they give themselves the liberty to experiment. Apart from learning ways to combine things, you need to be aware of what’s trending and what isn’t. Also, give yourself the permission to go ditzy from time to time – sometimes, a hint of kitsch included in your sharp ensemble can be everything. Dare to try, experiment and enjoy the process, and you’ll get there.

Brand love

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.55.38 AMWe’re not going to lie – all fashion editors have their favorite brands, and it is very likely most of us are fans of their designs, too. From such phenomenal brands like Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Tom Ford, Versace, Michael, our fashion editors’ tastes render refined, spectacular and awe-striking beyond comparison. Luckily, with an array of clothes based and crafted after big brand names we can find similar pieces which is putting us in a very nice position nonetheless (no, it’s not self-pep talk, we actually mean it!).

Pairing separates and color pallets

Combining separates is the easiest way to achieve the effortless chic look and editors know it. However, the key to doing it just right is to stick to a similar color palette (in separates) and to mind all the styling details.

For instance, a pair of skinny jeans can look spectacular if paired with a half tucked military button-down top with scrunched up sleeves. To add a sense of casual chic, tie a cozy cardigan around your waist and elevate everything with a sexy pair of over-the-knee boots in ocher or olive green. If military is the dominant pattern, use its base colors when picking out (the added) separates.

Loving the juxtaposition of styles

The art of casual-cool will look phenomenal with just a bit of “business on the bottom” with “party on the top.” A vintage printed shirt paired with a denim button-down jacket and single-strap sandals feels so exciting when paired with a textured accessories. If it’s cold out, wear a cardigan under the jacket – it adds an extra layer of warmth and looks fabulous.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.55.51 AM

Overalls for endless potential

A stylish pair of overalls is all a girl needs to look phenomenal. What always works? A fun fur coat (the longer the better) and peep-toe ankle booties. For a look that’s cute and cozy, add a plush pom pom beanie (with or without embellishment).

Turtleneck shirt is key

Black lace-up turtlenecks are entirely editor-approved! Even in other colors, they ooze sophistication and class, so pair them up with slinky shorts and a slick leather jacket slung over. Did someone say patent-leather Oxfords? Yes, please.


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