In Defense of Body Shapers

Christine Rudolph

Body shaping garments like waist trainers, butt lifters, and shapewear tights have often come under the scrutiny of medical and health experts a time too many. While their arguments are backed by scientific logic, practical experience, and common sense combined will make you think otherwise.

Here’s an explanation to why three of the most common issues related to shapewear might actually not be such a big issue, to begin with.

They squeeze the life out of your body

Do they? Not if you’re only wearing them for a limited time. Well, at least that’s how things like waits trainers, butt lifters, and body shapers are meant to be worn – just about 3 to 6 hours a day. And mostly women wear them when they’re working out, which means that duration rarely exceeds the three-hour mark in most normal situations. So if the experts say that you run the risk of breathing and blood circulatory problems, broken ribs, and neural damage, while numbness due to the last of the three might be normal, more serious consequences are only to occur after prolonged overuse and abuse of the garments.

They cause malnutrition


No, they’re only reducing your food intake. That’s right, body shapers that function especially by cinching in the waistline are merely reducing your body’s natural intake capacity and are by no means prevent you from eating healthy food. There’s a big difference between eating healthy and eating a lot – and the two are most definitely mutually exclusive. You can have a big appetite, but if you’re not eating healthy, then you’re automatically predisposing yourself to chronic illness. On the other hand, having a small appetite will not only make you take smaller meals multiple times in a day, which is actually a preferred pattern of eating, but it will imbue you with a habit to consciously eat healthy. Ok, agreed, the tightening compresses your intestines and causes constipation, but considering that you’ll be working out and even some of the less intense daily exercises would actually help to counter the problem.

They cause skin infections

Only if they’re dirty and sweaty and you wear them on repeat without washing them! The reality is, skin infections can be easily transmitted through a number of ways regardless of you wearing a body shaper or not. Sweaty gym equipment, unhygienic sanitary conditions in public or private toilets, and even simple things such as shaking hands can become a medium through which skin infections can be transmitted. Logically speaking, you can’t stop these things, but you can take precautions. And naturally common sense would say that you can’t really stop using body shapers, but you can be careful by doing just two simple things; one; keep your shapewear clean, and second, take a shower after you take them off. Mobile App

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Christine Rudolph

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