Outfit Ideas for Your Next Brunch Date-Outing

Jocelyn Pasillas

Picture this, a warm Sunday morning enjoying a fresh stack of pancakes while sipping on a refreshing Frappuccino during Brunch with your loved ones. Sounds perfect right?

Not quite, we need you to enjoy all of it while also looking like a full-course meal yourself! What’s better than a Sunday brunch? A super chic fit you can style and rock in the #gram.

We’ve put together some really pretty pieces you CANNOT go wrong with. Get your favorite pair of glasses because you’re about to kill your next brunch date-outing—literally.

Girly Vibes:

It’s only right to style in floral print during this warm season and what better way than by wearing a causal off-the-shoulder romper.

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Trend-setter Fit:

Who ever said it was necessary to match your attire? Ladies, we’re breaking rules in 2019. Grab your high-waisted skirt, a cute top, dainty necklace, favorite shades, and pair it up with your favorite heels!

 Classic Chic Look:

We get it, Sundays are for lazy days which is why we don’t blame you if you want to quickly throw on your fav. sun dress. Make it casual by wearing cute sneakers and accessorize your look with your sunglasses.

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Shabby Chic Fit:

Shabby outfits are totally in style and ideal for Sunday Brunch dates! You’ll be surprised at what you can find while going thrift shopping…

Denim Overload:

Once upon a time, we were once against denim on denim, but we’re really breaking rules this year! Denim on denim is widely accepted in the fashion industry and we aren’t surprised—it’s definitely a vibe.


Which fit best describes you for a Sunday brunch date?

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