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Style Guide: 2021 Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls


Fashion knows no age, and your teenage years certainly aren’t too early to start developing your personal style.

One of the best ways to develop your style is to explore different styles and trends in fashion. By doing so, you get to learn more about yourself, specifically your personal preferences in clothing and accessories. It is also best to find a starting point, meaning that you could take ideas from past fashion staples, or you can also find inspiration from what’s currently trending. In this blog, we will focus on teen fashion trends for 2021. The trends in this blog are meant to be used as a reference, so have fun with it!


Get Comfy

A striking detail to modern-day fashion trends is how clothing preferences are gradually moving more towards comfort. You’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebrities walking down the busy streets in their matching pair of sweatshirts and joggers, pants, or shorts. The cozy trend shows that sometimes less is more and simpler silhouettes make you look more put together. You can stick with neutral colors. Feeling more adventurous? Find a pair of sweatshirts and pants in trendy colors, like rust, cerulean, burnt coral, green ash, or buttercream. The simplistic ensemble of this comfortable style can double as your blank canvas for different types of outfits. For example, you can pair it with ankle boots, a sharp-looking blazer, a crop top, high heels, or an oversized purse.

Wrap it Up

Wrap tops are very feminine styles that you can pair with light-colored, straight-cut jeans, skirts, and slacks. Most wrap tops are made of breathable material, so it is perfect for the warm weather. Also, these tops come in an assortment of details, including ruffles, puffy sleeves, a dramatic, long belt, floral prints, stripes, or bold colors.


Pullovers and Oversized Sweaters

Find pullovers with fun prints or oversized sweaters in hush tones. The idea is to accessorize these large and baggy tops to create the illusion of wearing a dress. Thigh-high and knee-high boots go well with oversized tops because it creates a silhouette to balance the excess length and volume. As for accessories, go for chunky rings or dangling earrings for added edge.


Florals are (still) Groundbreaking

In the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, the icy editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly was unamused when the concept of florals was suggested for their upcoming Spring collection. Well, the joke’s on her because floral prints certainly are not going away any sooner. From maxi dresses to long, flowy skirts, flowers and leaves add a tropic and laid back vibe to any OOTD. It’s the perfect choice for when you want to look effortlessly chic.

Mom Jeans

It’s time to raid your mom’s closet! Just kidding. You can probably find or purchase mom jeans that fit you at your local department store. Mom jeans are an excellent example of past trends that are making a comeback. You can wear these with cropped long sleeves, a knitted top, an oversized shirt, white sneakers, boots, or flats. Some mom jeans have fringed edges. Fringed, rough edges on pants complement a structured blazer or a fitted top.

Bootcut Jeans

Another type of jeans that initially made waves in fashion during an earlier period is bootcut jeans. Compared to the earlier design of bootcut jeans, its modern-day version has a smaller flare and a more figure-fitting silhouette. An easy way to style this is to combine it with a crop top, jean jacket, and Air Force 1’s. Long cardigans, v-neck blouses, and puffy sleeves also pair well with this type of pants.

Graphic Tees

Show off your goofy side and express yourself with graphic tees. With a variety of designs, you are sure to find one that speaks to your personality. Don’t feel like wearing it with jeans and sneakers? No problem! An excellent way to make printed shirts more iconic is by wearing them with a long skirt, a fitted pencil skirt, trousers, or slacks.


Checkered, wide-legged trousers exude a retro vibe to any outfit. Fashion-forward shades that go well with trousers include bright yellow, olive green, emerald green, khaki, and light brown. Style it with a white shirt and chunky platform shoes or oxfords for a quirky feel. Want to create a sleeker look? Swap the oxfords with pointed, strapped pumps, clogs, or sandals. 

Bright Jumpsuits

Whether it’s a long jumpsuit or one with cropped legs, jumpsuits are effortlessly eye-catching. Sleeveless jumpsuits made of breathable fabric are best paired with sandals, while those with thicker cloth and a more solid shape look great with oversized shoulder bags, boots, heels, and stocky sneakers. Find a jumpsuit in both neutral and pastel shades. In this manner, you can have ready-to-wear outfits for both a formal event and a casual gathering.

Bucket Hat

Here’s a practical and trendy accessory for you: Bucket hats. These hats provide all-around protection for your head and your face. Recently, these hats are available in soft, pastel colors, embellished with embroidered prints or tie-dye.


Plaid Shirts

Want to exude a rock’n’roll element to your ensemble? Plaid shirts help do the trick. You can choose the ones in black, white, or dark red shades. But if you truly want to stand out, choose a plaid shirt that features color-blocking shades (or a shirt with three prominent colors). Balance the colorful design by repeating one of the hues in your accessory, shoes, or bottom.

The clothes you wear should accentuate the uniqueness of your personality, and help you express your inner brilliance. Mix and match these trends to your heart’s content. Who knows? You might just end up inventing the next best thing in fashion!

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