The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Jazmin Alvarez

You tried on a pair of trendy sunglasses only to find it doesn’t suit you. Yikes!

Good thing we’re here to help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape so you can hit the mall with confidence.

Look in the mirror to analyze your facial features and match your face shape to the following show-stopping sunglasses! These styles will complete your outfit at any pool party.


If you have a broad forehead, pointed narrow chin, and high cheekbones, then you have a heart-shaped face. The goal is to minimize the width of your forehead and widen the appearance of your chin. Cat-eye sunglasses or Clubmasters will help you achieve just that!


Round faces have a wide forehead, rounded chin, and full cheeks. Shop for sunglasses that are wider than taller to add contrast. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and patterns to help shape your face.



You are known for having a beautiful strong jawline and a wide forehead. Therefore, your sunglasses should be opposite of your face shape. Round and oval frames such as aviators will compliment you!




Oval faces have balanced features, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. If this is you then you need to look for shades with bold shapes, fun colors, and a balanced size. You will steal the spotlight if you arrive to the beach with oversized-round shades! App

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Jazmin Alvarez

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