Check Out These Cool Hairstyles for Chambelanes

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Getting your chambelanes to look their absolute best for your Quinceañera is not a difficult task when you follow celebrity trends. Of course, you have to take into consideration your court’s skin tone, face and shape and features in order to match them up with the perfect chambelan hair.

Here are our top three favorite hairstyles for chambelanes: 


Copy Zac Efron’s style


Do you think your chambelan can pull off Nick’s’ hairdo?

1.)  Short Military – you really can’t go wrong with this style because it’s classic and very popular among young men. For this cut start with a clean base. Every time you wash your hair, massage your scalp with shampoo using your fingers, not your nails. Then, use light product to tame any flyways.


Imagine a Charlie Pluth look-alike chambelan?


Zayn is just dreamy!

2.)  Choppy– this cut has plenty of movement. The most important factor to this textured hairstyle is a perfect haircut because it will make it easier to style. Most importantly, and especially with this cut, is that hair also needs to breathe. So in order to give this look its care-fee finish, use a product that will give it a manageable hold.


Clean cut Messy hair like Harry Styles


Justin Bieber’s hair before it turned purple


3.) Funky– anything modern, like the latest mohawk’s, are a type of “funky” cut. The ‘hawk is making a comeback in a more subtle way, with shorter tails on the back. To achieve this hairstyle, get a haircut styled with added height at the front and clean all around. Most guys use gel and the end result is often hard, gooey hair.

Which one is your fave?

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