Trending Loungewear Basics You Need in Your Closet

Jocelyn Pasillas

Stay stylish all while lounging around in comfy clothes!

Staying home during summer no longer has to be an excuse not to dress up, flaunt a cute two-piece set and strike a pose for your feed– or make a TikTok!

The following loungewear basics are the perfect pieces to style up or down, depending on how you choose to accessorize them.

Two-Piece Sets:

We all know the struggle when trying to pair bottoms with tops, but with 2-piece sets that already match, you get both with no worries! Try them out with platform shoes for an uplifting look!


Typically, we would have to steal our boyfriend’s or brother’s t-shirts and joggers– hence the “boyfriend” vibes. With oversized pieces, you get comfort and uniqueness in one without having to worry about giving them back.

Knitted Loungewear:

Knitted wear is ideal for those cozy summer nights! And believe it or not, summer is almost coming to an end so stocking up on warm loungewear is a must. Style these fits with any sneakers!

Jumpsuits and Rompers:

Jumpsuits can be styled in endless ways. Choose between a loose fit or tight. Due to the stretchy material used for jumpsuits and/or rompers, they are the perfect fashion pieces for total comfort and can fit any body type!

Who knew you were able to mix comfort with unique style when choosing these basics and still looking good right?

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