What to Wear For Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s Day, make it a festive holiday for you and your crush by wearing your heart on your sleeve – or on your dress. Enjoy one of the only days of the year when the combination of red, pink and white is seen as fashion forward rather than a fashion mistake. These options will make sure Cupid’s fashion arrow is pointing straight at you.

1) Red-Hot Date
Ravish in red while dining out on the town. Pair a red dress with strapped heels and a glam clutch.

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2) Movie Night Date

A date at the movies for Valentine’s Day calls for a relaxed pairing of jeans and a nice sweater with boots to ward off the cold in the chilly theater. Opt for a bright red sweater and combine it with sleek riding boots.

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3) Get in the rustic spirit of a picnic by packing up your printed shirts and picnic basket.

Treat your sweetheart to a picnic full of healthy snacks such as peanut butter and banana sandwiches, sharp cheddar bites, grapes and whole wheat crackers.

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4)Many museums around town offer student discounts or some are even free to attend!

Grab your cutie and head to your local museums to read about the real goddess of love, Aphrodite, through a painting or sculpture. Or gaze at ancient lovers in painted pastels and oil on canvas. Wear comfortable heels and a sculpted A-line dress to show off some art gallery glamour.

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5) Love’s Sweet Melody

Hit the town with your crush to listen to a band at a local club or attend a Valentine’s Day Concert.
Wear a distinctive pair of boots to capture the attention of your main squeeze and the crowd. A black lustrous skirt adds a daring edge to this usually frilly Valentine’s Day holiday.

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