What to Wear for Your Thanksgiving Gathering

Jocelyn Pasillas

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

As usual, wondering what you will wear is always the dilemma! No matter where you’ll be spending your Thanksgiving, you know we have the perfect outfits for you to style at your next family reunion or Friendsgiving celebration.

From the most basic outfits, you can be comfortable in, to the most slaying fits, choose your favorite look.

Stay cozy

Are you staying in this holiday? There’s nothing better than staying super comfortable in an over-sized sweater, plus, you’ll need that extra room in order to stuff yourself without it being too noticeable!

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Warm from head-to-toes

If being cold is the last thing you want to worry about, stay nice and cozy! A warm knitted sweater, fitted jeans, a stylish hat, and some cute booties will be your best bet to make sure you stay warm all around.


Toasty from the waist-up

This fall season, it’s all about the teddy sweaters. No matter what you choose to wear, the final touch to any fits will be throwing on this blanket-like sweater! Most girls on our Instagram timeline are seen styling this with bodycon dresses or denim skirts with a cute mesh top!

Comfortable on another level

The only way to truly be comfortable this Thanksgiving holiday, is by taking your comfortness to another level…

Cute and Classy 

Being a tiny bit extras is okay too. Mix and match any skirt with a warm top!

Athleisure wear is definitely here to stay.

Staying in? We all know athleisure clothing is very in and with this type of weather, it’s no crime to wear some cozy sweats with a little hoodie.

Which outfit will you be choosing?

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