Wonderful Nails Designs for your Quince

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Try the most popular trends in nails for this season

These are the trendiest nails designs for fall season.


Art nail has gotten bigger and the most current designs are without doubt pieces of art. They go from the simplest lines to the most intricate and elegant covers. What’s best is that you can match your nails designs to your outfit, including your Quinceañera dress.

Here are a few of the most popular trends for this season. Get inspired and choose what works best with your Quince dress or your everyday outfit.

Fall in 3D nails designs 

Flowers are in trend as they translate into organic and natural. Depending on the colors and the type of flower you choose you can achieve different looks. For 3D images you can choose plastic figures or even dry natural flowers. This alternative for nails designs is a bit expensive but totally worth it!

Glam lace

Stickers and lace designs are also in trend when it comes to fab manicures! The mix of color and texture makes for an elegant manicure and even a retro 20’s look, which is actually taking over some runways. Contrasting designs such as black background and white lace or vice versa will make for an impacting look, if you’re a daring Quince girl go for a hot pink background and black lace design. If you tend to be a bit shyer with your taste, the perfect combination would be nude cover and White lace, remember, classic is always chic!

Amazing brightness

Including rhinestones, pearls, metallic strips and sparkles is always an excellent choice for a trend nails designs! You can adapt this trend to your Quince dress. Just don’t overdo it with the glitter, you want to maintain and elegant look overall.

Tip: Take care of your nails beforehand so you can rock a flawless manicure. There are several polishes that can help nurture your nails and keep them healthy.  Eating jelly, milk and nuts will also help.



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