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Learn how to wear red lipstick on Valentine’s Day

Gabriela Alvarado

February 14 is a special day to wear perfect and flirty lips to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re an adventurous Quince girl, perhaps this look is one you’ve worn on previous occasions. However, if you’re a shy and conservative Quinceanera, this is your chance to surprise everyone with this bold lip color.

Either or, there are certain measures you need to take to make sure you’re selecting the hue that looks best on you. So, first thing first…

The tint or shade of red depends on the color of your skin:

  •  Girls with dark skin look great in red lipsticks with deep hues.
  •  Red orange or dark pink are equally fabulous against fair skin.
  • If you’re tanned,  a red lipstick with a hint of coral or orange will do the trick.

Once you have chosen your perfect color, follow these steps to dazzle with red lips on Valentine’s Day:

1) Prep your lips: a couple of hours before applying your lip color, moisturize them to keep the lipstick on longer.

2) Balance of hues: since red is a strong and bright color, it’s better that all the attention goes to your lips. For this, you must create balance with the rest of your makeup by combining red lipstick with subtle or soft eyeshadow.

3) Confidence: red lips represent confidence and security. So don’t be afraid to show them off and rock that daring look you’ve been waiting to pull off.
For inspiration, we’ve compiled a photo gallery of celebrities of different skin colors, all of which are wearing red lipstick uniquely and fabulously. Find the best Quinceanera look for you.






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