Five Essential Summer Tips to Keep your Skin Glowing

Claudia Chiu

These Summer tips and tricks are essential to make sure you make the most of your next vacation!

Follow this easy-peasy routine to guarantee a breakout-free Summer season!

1. Before applying makeup, wash your face with cold water. Coldwater tightens pores and prevents any makeup build-up.

2. Moisturize your face and whole body. Nourished skin is happy, healthy skin.

3. Use an appropriate sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 on your face, and SPF 70 on your body. Apply again before going outside and throughout the day.

4. Keep hydrated. Drink about eight cups of water a day. The more water you drink now, the fewer wrinkles later!

5. Exfoliate your face and body two to three times per week. Removing dead skin cells allows for fresh skin to shine through, causing you to have a healthy radiant glow!


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