7 Fabulously Trendy Manicures for Quinceaneras

Jazmin Alvarez

Believe it or not, your nails say so much about you depending on the condition of your nails and the designs you select. If you’re hoping to appear flawless from head to toe, you cannot forget every little detail including getting a manicure!

Get inspired by these trendy summer manicures that will be popular among quinceaneras before you know it:

1. Stiletto Nails

Are you known for being a trend setter at your school?! Be one of the first ones this summer to dare to wear stiletto nails. Ever since we spotted Rihanna and Beyonce with these, they’ve become such a sensation.

Via Instagram: @yarisnails_makeup

2. Ombre Nails

Not only are ombre Quinceanera dresses trending, but so are ombre nails! To give it a summer feel, go for bold colors. We promise you’ll stand out from head to toe!


3. Geometric Shapes

If you’re tired of always asking for stripes, take it to the next level with geometric shapes!

4. Don’t forget to add lots of sparkle!

Girly girls could never wear too much sparkle! Pair it up with hot pink and well-a! Don’t be afraid to show em’ off, girl.

5. Dare to try a different design on each nail.

Make your nails stand out to the max by choosing a different design on each nail! Think polka dots, stripes, sparkle, rhinestones, you get the point. FYI, turquoise will be trending this summer!

Via Instagram: @sainails_keyli

6. White Nails

Who would’ve known white nails would be trending someday?! We love how this color matches every skin tone and, best of all, makes your tan stand out. Instead of burning yourself in the hot sun, choose this color and it’ll work miracles!

Via Instagram: @_beautybyyocelin

7. Themed nails

Dare to be the extra Quinceanera? Match your theme to your nails and get one-of-a-kind designs!

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