Beach Bag Essentials for Summer

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            The temperatures are on the rise as summer is finally here, which means it’s time to head to the beach!

If you’re planning on spending some time at the beach this summer, don’t forget to pack these 6 things in your beach bag.

Sunblock – Sunburns are never attractive, which is why of course the first thing you need to pack in your bag is a quality sunscreen with a high SPF.


Beach Towel – You’ll need something to sit down on or dry off with when you get out of the water, so be sure to bring along a beach towel.

Sunglasses – Make sure you take a good pair of sunglasses with you to the beach so you won’t spend the day squinting. Not to mention, they protect your skin and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun to prevent wrinkles and other skin issues.

SPF Lip Care – Besides your eyes, another sensitive part of your body that needs to be protects are your lips. There are all kinds of lip glosses and balms which contain SPF, so it’s important to make sure you bring a tube along with you to the beach.

Floppy Hat – Another great way to protect your face from the sun is with a big floppy beach hat. There are wide-brimmed hats that come in a bunch of different colors, so why not wear one that matches your swimwear.

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Water Flask – You need to make sure you stay hydrated while at the beach, which is why you surely need to pack a few bottles of water.

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