Fashion Inspiration from Dora the Explorer

Jocelyn Pasillas

It may be hard to believe, but besides the life skills learned from Dora, she has also influenced the way we currently dress! Yes, you’ve read that right.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Dora is a *total* fashion icon in today’s world! Here are some of the fashion trends she has inspired us to use.

Mini Backpacks

Your perfect accessory when touring around a city, it’s always useful to have a mini backpack with all your essentials inside! Dora’s backpack sure came in clutch on every adventure. Plus, you’ll look very stylish while taking pics!


Biker Shorts

Feeling trendy? Wear some biker shorts! Easily styled in sneakers or heels, we can thank Dora for introducing us to such comfy clothing.

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Short Hair

Okay, we’re not making this up—we stand by Dora for first starting the short hair trend! Nobody dared to go short until recent years—just saying.

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White Sneakers

We all know how dangerous it can be to wear white shoes, but we continue to take the risks and buy white shoes! How did Dora manage to keep them clean all the time? The world may never know.

Who knew Dora’s style would become highly accepted and worn all around the world?! If you’re looking for some more fashion inspo, check out Paramount Pictures’ new movie, Dora and the Lost City of Gold—to be released in theatres on August 9.

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