Festival Styled Outfit Ideas to Rock this Season

Jocelyn Pasillas

Spring is coming along, which means all the vibrant seasons festivities are about to begin!

Say buh-bye to the cold weather and welcome the warmth of spring by getting your wardrobe ready with awesome outfits.

Style in your best festive outfits so you can stand out from the crowd. Whether you’ll be attending Coachella or you’re just in need of new ideas to wear and flex on the gram, follow along as we style your next ensemble.

Before we continue, there’s one thing that’s very clear; fanny belts, neon, and animal print are all going to be on the hot list, get your clothing pieces while you can!

Biker Shorts

We’ve seen many celebs lounge around in biker shorts, there’s something about being comfy and stylish at the same time that we are currently living for.


A daring, practically transparent, fabric that can be used as a great layering fashion piece for an edgy look. You can instantly transform from a sporty outfit to a casual ensemble.

Animal Print

Perhaps zebra patterns aren’t as popular as they were a few years back, but leopard and snake skin def. are! If wearing full on animal print is not your thing, you can add a touch to a plain outfit paired up with an animal print belt or cute booties.


Want to turn heads? Wear neon. We’re not kidding, who would’ve thought, right? Either way, be the ‘highlight’ everyone needs in their lives. Easily combine neutral colors with a bright top or bottom and you’re good to go.


At times, we just need that extra accessory that will complement our plain, one-color, fit.

  • Belt fanny packs

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  • Translucent shoes

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Which fashion trend will you be trying out this season?

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