how to smell good with perfume

How to Smell Good with Perfume

Elizabeth de la Torre

Wearing perfume is a master tip on how to smell good.

Perfume has long been held as a classy and elegant way to quickly address the question of how to smell good. But, how do you choose the right scent considering the different types of perfumes?

Choosing and applying a fragrance is not such a simple task. Spray too little and your scent is completely missed. Spray too much and you’ll give everyone within 10 feet of you a migraine. Fragrance can be extremely powerful; it can evoke memories and give a hint of a person’s personality. No tips on how to smell good can replace experience with perfumes. Try them out to see which suits you best.

Here we’re providing quick tips on how to smell good on your quince using perfume.

  • How do I pick a scent that’s good for me?

Simply because you like the smell of a perfume does not mean it is the one for you to wear for your quinceañera. Once applied to skin, perfumes will diffuse and react differently according to each skin type. A talk with a perfume expert will certainly help you decide on your right scent to help you smell good. A key to a good fragrance is in how the smell diffuses. Some fragrances turn sweet as they diffuse while others start to smell like merely chemicals.

  • Where should you spritz yourself? 

Spray at any pulse points, such as your wrists, inside your elbows, the nape of your neck, or even in the crease behind your knees. Natural fluctuations in your body temperature will warm and diffuse your perfume without overwhelming.

  • Where shouldn’t you spray?

Avoid applying your perfume on your body after you have applied sunscreen or lotion. It makes it less effective. Spraying perfume in your hair isn’t such a good idea. While it’s a good way to help your hair pick up your signature scent, many perfumes’ ingredients can dry out and damage your hair. If you insist on scenting your hair, then look for a perfume that is specifically designed for your hair. If you can help it, then keep from spraying fragrances directly onto any fabric, not just delicate ones. You never know what will leave a watermark.

  • How often should I reapply?

While you may be tempted to douse yourself in a scent you love, remember to not over-spritz. The key to a good fragrance is maintaining a subtle smell of paradise. Depending on the strength and depth of your fragrance, a few spritzes at your pulse points in the morning should be enough.


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