How to Survive Valentine’s Day Single

Elizabeth de la Torre

Valentine’s Day is coming and you’re single! Don’t fret…

Let’s not be dramatic about being single on this day by sitting at home eating a carton of ice cream while stalking your crush online…

Use the tips below for your solution on how to survive Valentine’s Day single! 

  • Don’t suddenly forge a strong bond with someone just for the kicks of Valentine’s Day activities!

The truth is, too often do people all of a sudden on Valentine’s Day go out of their way to make a grand statement to someone, anyone, that they love them. Don’t go there. These outgoing gestures are too common too cliché as romantic movie scenes. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean that you should revive any ex-feelings you once had or possibly could have had. Don’t settle.

  • Don’t have to partake in that last-ditch effort to save a relationship.

If the case is that you just recently broke off a relationship a week before Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel like you must revive that relationship simply for the sake of the day. February 14th is not the day that the rule book says you have to get back together and the day itself doesn’t emit some special romantic feelings to save a relationship from the brink of destruction.

Benefits of being single on Valentine’s day 

  • You save money!

Not having a valentine means not having to spend money. Great! Take the time to get some rest and relaxation and spend your money where you rather spend it-perhaps shopping. This tip applies for your overall well-being.

  • You have time for yourself!

Thinking of what to do for Valentine’s Day, well then spend the day doing something fun for you! Relax at your favorite place, get your nails done, or a massage. One of the best Valentine’s Day ideas is to spend time with your friends! Remember, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of friendship too.


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