A Quinceanera Vacation to New York City

Luca Verne

New York City is a world of its own: the skyscraper city, the city that never sleeps, a place that takes a lifetime to know and an eternity to get used to. 

You don’t need a car here, just the energy to mix in with the crowd and observe the underground life. You can experience one of the main adventures by simply riding on the metro, a place where you can find a variety of cultures traveling to reach their destination.

New York’s charms cannot be counted with the fingers on both hands. You will need to plan a specific route to cover as much ground as possible or write down a list of attractions you will like to discover in your adventure.

For a Quinceanera tourist, ten days are enough to find its essence and travel the streets all over the city, a unique place that is almost opposite to the palm trees, beaches, and highways of sunny California.

The following are a few of the city’s main attractions:


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  • Central Park

Undoubtedly one of the most notorious and highly publicized places in any city around the world. It has tennis courts, one of the most accredited art galleries, and hundreds of prairies to explore, exercise in, or simply walk around. The sheep meadow is a favorite among New Yorkers who like to gather and enjoy a pastoral escape during good weather. If time allows, don’t forget to stop by the Bethesda fountain, famous for its many appearances in Hollywood movies.


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  • Empire State Building

For some time it was the city’s tallest building, and it regained this status after the September 11 attacks. One way or another, the building is always there, serving as the perfect viewpoint overlooking the Big Apple. It’s always buzzing with tourists, and it takes a while to get to the 119th floor, but the view is definitely worth it.


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  • The Statue of Liberty

It was a gift from the French to the United States, and ever since, it has become the city’s beacon: the most publicized statue in the world. You can travel to the base and see it up close, but the Staten Island Ferry is the best choice if you want to take great pictures and enjoy a water ride by Manhattan without paying a single cent.


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  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

In some vacations there may not be any time for museums, but when it comes to this city, you must make some time. The Metropolitan is one of the best museums with a vast permanent collection of indescribable jewels in a building that receives more than five millions visitors every year. A few blocks away, around Fifth Avenue, is the Guggenheim, another influential museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


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  • Fifth Avenue

This is the crown jewel, the “most expensive street in the world,” lined with prestigious shops and impressive skyscrapers. From the Plaza Hotel, the most famous in the city, to Tiffany, located on the corner of 57th, to Saint Patrick and Rockefeller Center, where all the ice skating goes on during winter.


If time allows, Chinatown, Little Italy, Brooklyn Heights and its memorable view, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Times Square, and Broadway Theaters also await the wandering Quinceanera tourist. After all, this is New York City, the world’s capital and the best city on Earth. But there are many places for a quinceanera vacation. Mobile App

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