3 Quince Eyeshadow Looks You’ll Rock with Urban Decay

Gabriela Alvarado

20 never-before-seen #ColorUnleashed shades are making their way into every girl’s makeup bag

@gabrielalvarad1. Los Angeles, CA – Feminine, flirtatious, a little dangerous, but a lot of fun, certainly, what the new Urban Decay color palette screams out loud. And how do we know? Lucky for us, we were invited to witness the truly magical launch of its VICE4 eyeshadow palette, held at the Elysian Venue in Los Angeles on September 29, 2015. Fair to say, we fell in love upon first glance.


Our first thought?

Not to focus too much on the event, (which was shocking!) these 20 addictive gorgeous shades full of bright jewel tones and shimmery-pigmented hues are the way to every Quinceañera’s heart. Just because!

A quick debriefing…

• Fun, daring, and the brightest shades we’ve ever seen in one place… Check!
• Great for an epic celebration that will last all day… Check!
• Less glittering shade colors good for an everyday makeup look… Check!

Guaranteed to make all of your friends jealous? Damn right!


Now, we know there are a few things in life that really excite us, (probably we are exaggerating a bit!) and a good makeup holds that power over every girl. So much, that it makes us want to become experts in how to ‘really’ show-off our makeup. Let’s get a little ahead of the game.


Here are three DIY ways to do your Quince eyeshadow with this beyond bold palette.

Brighter, Smoky Eye: the brighter the better. The fun colors of this palette will make your eyes bigger and sexier than ever before. Use some of the glittering shades in the eye’s corners to add a princess look.

• DIY Natural Smoky Eye: Neutral smoky eyes are a thing of beauty. Use the pale shades (that are still beautiful!) and combine them with a stronger shade underneath your eye line. Use the cream shiner shadow for the corners.

• A metallic look for the festivities: This palette has beautiful metallic shades perfect for a holiday season. Use the gold, bronze, and purple colors to recreate the perfect holiday makeup look.

Are you ready for a smoky, neutral or just a pop of color? Find the Vice 4 Palette here, along with other goodies.


Gabriela Alvarado

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