5 Beautifying Products Under $5

Jazmin Alvarez

Let’s face it ladies, when we live off of weekly allowances and found-it-in-the-couch chump change, we wish we had more money to invest in our beautiful selves. Worst of all, we have super busy lives with school, homework, chores, dating, cheer practice, and the list goes on. Of course, you want to get noticed by your crush and stand out from the rest, but how?! Consider today one of your luckiest days, appear flawlessly hot without spending much!


The following beautifying products are portable, space savers, and most importantly all under $5!

1. Powder Blush: News flash ladies! You’re now able to apply blush blindly in between classes if that’s what you’ve been trying to secretly do.  The powder blush by e.l.f offers a new blush that blends instantly and lasts a surprising 24 hours. So whether you’re wearing it out on a date or for your Quince, this is a must have for a natural yet long lasting look!

e.l.f blush, $2.00; Click here to purchase

e.l.f blush, $2.00; Click here to purchase

2. Soothing Hand Lotion: Believe it or not people can tell a lot by the condition of your hands. Blistery, dry, and rough hands are definitely a turn off! Leave them soft to the touch with EOS Hand Lotion that comes in an interestingly shaped container to save you some backpack space. It also comes in a wide variety of irresistible scents, pick the one that best soothes you!

EOS Hand Lotion

EOS Berry Blossom Hand Lotion. For $1.99 at Target, it’s a steal!

3. Oil Absorbing Sheets: Having a hard time keeping your extremely oily skin under control?! You’re not alone! Luckily, we found a product that you can easily carry around in your purse that’ll eliminate oily particles and best of all, won’t smudge your makeup.

Oil absorbing sheets

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, $4.97 at Walmart

4. Kissable Lips: Thought we’d forget about kissable lips?! Think again! Lip care is super important especially because you want to be ready for that first kiss at all times. Don’t you hate getting your hair stuck on your lips especially on windy days? Consider those days over! Nivea has developed a non-stick lip balm that’ll give you the lips we all desire!  With an SPF of 15, it’ll keep ’em protected as well!

Lip Balm

Nivea A Kiss of Shine, $3.37 at Walmart


5. Fruity Facial Mask: To prevent breakouts, moisturize your face, and extract impurities a facial mask is a must especially when your face is the first thing everyone sees! You can purchase one at your local retail store or make your own. If you decide to purchase it, our favorite is Freeman Mint & Lemon Facial Clay Mask. It controls oil & breakouts for skin that your BFFs will envy.

Clay Mask

Get this for $3.99 on Freemanbeauty.com

But if you decide to make your own, here’s a simple recipe to prepare a strawberry facial mask made with inexpensive ingredients.

What you need: Rosewater & 3 large strawberries

Rose Water

Get this at Walmart for $3.97










Mash 3 large strawberries and apply the pulp to your face as a mask. Leave on for 10 minutes so your face soaks up the nutrients. After time is up, wash your face off with rosewater. Since strawberries are rich in vitamin C, your face will appear fresh and luminous. Apply facial masks once a week. Enjoy!


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