These quince makeup tips will keep you looking like a diva

Quince Makeup Tips For a Modern Mexican Diva

Alicia Monsalve

These quince makeup tips will keep you looking like a diva at your quinceanera.

You may think your regular makeup routine can suffice for your quince makeup. But for your quinceanera day, stick to a general plan to not wear too much makeup.


Makeup artist Uyuky Hernandez combines modern makeup techniques inspired by classic Mexican actresses to create looks for your Quince makeup.


According to Hernandez, you can choose the eye shadow you like best to create a romantic and  modern look that will really bring out your features. Pink, orange, mauve, copper and gold are favorites as quince makeup colors.

Highlighting powder: A shade that covers imperfections and is the perfect foundation to highlight your eyes, even if they are baggy. With these imperfections eliminated you’ll help assure your quinceanera confidence.

With this quince makeup look you’ll be the center of attention at your quinceanera.

Lips: Use a lip liner tone that is darker than the lipstick color. Tracing the contour of your lips is the key to having a long-lasting effect. Apply the lipstick softly and use gloss in the lower lip. Take the gloss with you for touch up during your quinceanera. Bold, daring colors like deep reds work best for a quince look. Just make sure the color schemes of your makeup compliment your quinceanera dress and quinceanera theme.

Every quinceanera should have confidence with their quince makeup

Eyes: Use a highlighting powder in the upper arch below your eyebrow, then apply lilac eye shadow following the contour of your eye. Use a pink tone in the upper eyelid; mix until colors blend. Apply the faux eyelashes in place and use liquid eyeliner and a curler to highlight your quinceanera beauty. Finish the Quince makeup by applying a light layer of mascara.


Properly applied quince makeup will keep you glowing with a fresh look.

Face: Make sure to cleanse your skin before applying any concealer or foundation. Apply the foundation all the way to your neck and hairline and apply a powder sealant. Use a bronzer and concealer to contour the cheekbones and nose. You can use the clear matte as a concealer under your eyes and even your cheekbones for a brighter look in your pictures.


Tips: You can use your regular makeup products for your quinceanera look. But if you want your Quince makeup to look professional in pictures then we recommend using professional products. For the most part, Uyuky uses products from MAC Cosmetics and Bare Minerals.


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