Airbrush Makeup: The Pros & Cons

Jazmin Alvarez

If you’re always in search for the latest makeup trends, you’ve probably heard about celebrities using airbrush makeup to achieve their Red Carpet looks and makeup gurus raving about it.

So what’s the hype all about? Is it really worth it?

We’ve uncovered the pros and cons of airbrush makeup so you can be the judge of that. Under the right circumstances, it can make your skin appear naturally flawless and radiant!

Let’s start with the PROS…

Lasts all day

Airbrush makeup is long lasting and water resistant because it’s silicone-based, making it the ideal foundation for a special occasion like your quinceanera.


For a flawless appearance, airbrushing is a must! It’ll make your face appear flawless, which means you’ll be photo ready for your quince.

Less Product for More Coverage

You won’t need a whole lot of product to get the coverage you need. You only need a thin layer and it dries quickly.

Easier to Layer

If you want a thicker layer for more coverage, you can add another layer after it dries.

Do the pros outweigh the CONS? You be the judge!

Can appear flaky

Have dry skin? You might want to look for an alternative because airbrush makeup might become flaky. The ideal skin type is moisturized and hydrated skin.

Difficult to re-apply & blend

You’ll certainly have emotional moments during your quinceanera where you will cry tears of joy. Using regular or airbrush makeup to try covering up the streaks may not get you the flawless results you initially started with. But if your makeup artist applied it correctly, then you won’t have any problems!

Limited number of shades

Some people think that regular makeup matches better with their skin tone than airbrush. That’s because only a limited quantity of shades and brands exist.

Can be pricey

Makeup artists usually offer airbrushing as an add-on and it’s more expensive than regular makeup. Ask about it during your makeup trial and if you like the way it looks and feels, it might be worth the investment.

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