Applying Makeup: What Comes First

Grecia Hernandez

Odds are you have been wearing makeup for quite some while now, however your mom just recently came to terms with it and is fine with your gorgeous wings and your long dark lashes.

But have you ever stop to see if you’re doing it correctly?

Contrary to what you learned in Algebra, when it comes to beauty regimes, the order of the factors DOES affect the product.

If you want your fabulously young and healthy skin to remain the same, follow these steps when applying makeup:

Always apply moisturizer

Preferably one with sunscreen! Think of moisturizer as the layer than will protect your skin from impurities in the air and makeup itself.

Start with primer

Primer minimizes your pores and helps to blur any imperfections prior to setting your foundation, plus it helps your makeup last longer. Consider it for your Quinceanera makeup not for your daily routine.

Set your foundation

Foundation gives your face a natural glow, although at your age your glowing skin is completely natural so pass on this tip to your big sis…


Using makeup brushes correctly is also a factor to take into consideration.

Add Concealer, only if needed

By now most Quinceaneras request contouring skills as part of their Quince makeup or they are professionals themselves, just remember that less is always more. Concealer is in fact just to conceal not to cover your whole face with it.

Finish with some powder

Translucent powder gets rid of shine and sets the makeup giving it a matte finish.

Decorate your eyes

Do your famous winged eyeliner and add a bit of mascara on your lashes, avoid the panda look.

Do your lips

Makeup 101, rule #1: Do your eyes or your lips, never both. Although the winged eyes, dark lashes and dark lips trend is what’s in, consider something more suitable for your age.

Highlight your cheeks

Add a bit of blush or bronze for that flirtatious look!

Grecia Hernandez

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