At Home or On the Go, Melt Your Quinceañera Stresses Away

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 You’re sweating your quinceañera and everyone is noticing. Your naps during English class and the dark circles under your eyes aren’t making things any better. The truth is that as beautiful as the quince celebration is made out to be, planning for it has sent your stress levels up the roof. From every last detail of your quince celebration, your mind is thinking ‘quince’ and your eyes are seeing pink. But never fear, whether you’re at school, at home or out and about shopping for your quince preparations, there are various de-stressing methods that you can quickly revert to that will have you praising, “Tension, be gone!”

When @ School, Stay Cool
We all know how crucial it is to be cool in school. And quite honestly, dark circles and loud snores aren’t anywhere near the coolness chart. When you’re at school and feeling tired or overwhelmed with you quince to-do’s, turn to the calm-and-collected instructor. You know, the teacher that stays in their classroom listening to easy listening music during breaks? Every school has them. More often than not, all you have to do is ask the instructor of you can nap it in their room for a while. As soon as they say yes and before the blink of an eye, bust out your neck pillow from your book bag and make yourself at home. The soft music, empty room and comfy neck pillow will buy you enough zzz’s to get you through the rest of your day.

There's no place like home!There’s no place like home
You’d think that if you could relax anywhere it’d be in your own home, right? Well with party favors all over the place and your parents on your case about what a dent in your savings this party of yours is turning out be, perhaps the best place to wind down is not your home-sweet-home after all. What you can do, however, is find a place where you can stretch and breathe your headaches way. Try lying with your back flat on the floor and take slow and deep breaths. Do this until you feel yourself feeling more relaxed and follow with simple stretching routines. Also, note that plugging your ears with your latest iPod add-on may help do the trick.

One dollar goes a long way!One dollar goes a long way
If you’re mall-ratting your way to find the perfect shoes for your quince ensemble, the multi level mall can quickly become more of a headache than a haven. And if you’re shopping with every one of your outspoken girlfriends, choosing one pair can especially take longer than you’d hope. Luckily, most malls have pay by the dollar massage chairs that allow you to take a break from the havoc that is shopping with your friends. Simply plop yourself into one of those large, grandpa-recliner-looking chairs and put in a dollar bill into the slot. Almost as if there were a midget masseuse inside of the chair, it will soon begin to massage your lower back, your back, your shoulders and head. They really are amazing! For one dollar you get about 3 minutes worth of a massage, and for a whopping five buckaroos, you can enjoy 15 minutes of some much needed massage therapy.


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