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Beauty Predictions for the Latin Grammy’s Red Carpet

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L’Oréal Paris got the beauty predictions of the beauty expert Marcos Carrasquillo. Here, the young celebrity hair stylist shares the trends and different hair dos that we can expect to see this Thursday on the Latin Grammy Red (GREEN) Carpet.


L’Oréal Paris: Which trends have you seen this season?

Marcos Carrasquillo: “The loose waves will dominate the red carpet this year. We will see a lot of volume, a very retro look, which is so stylish right now. The waves will be like in the 50s with dark colors.”

L’Oréal Paris: Do you have clients that always ask you for the celebrity looks they’ve seen on the red carpet?

Marcos Carrasquillo: “Lately I’ve received a lot of orders to get to loose waves look. Jennifer Lopez uses this look a lot with honey highlights. To get this look that we will see on the red carpet, I recommend  L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference in UL63 Hit Lift Gold Brown. This hair dye from L’Oreal Paris is specially formulated for dark hair and it helps you lighten it up to obtain the sun kissed look. These hair tones give a natural and translucent effect.

L’Oréal Paris: What can we expect from Lucero, whom is this year’s presenter?

Marcos Carrasquillo: “The gorgeous Lucero never lets me down.  She is so classy. This is not her first year as the presenter of the Latin Grammy so I’m sure she’ll want to surprise us with a new look. My prediction for Lucero is that she’ll go back to her dark hair look that is very trendy this Fall/Winter season. Dark Brown tones and honey are very trendy this this season and you can have that look by using L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème in 4 Dark Brown.”

L’Oréal Paris: Is there a look we always see in the red carpets that you think many celebrities will use this Thursday in the Latin Grammy?

Marcos Carrasquillo: “Aside from the loose waves, I predict there will be a lot of updo hairstyles on the red carpet. I think some presenters such as Giselle Blondet, Barbara Bermudo and Chiquinquira Delgado will wear their hair up.  It’s easier for them because they’ll be changing clothes constantly. Also because the weather in Las Vegas is so hot. ”

L’Oréal Paris: What is your favorite updo hairstyle look?

Marcos Carrasquillo:  The messy updo is one of my favorites and I love it because it makes your neck look longer. I always recommend washing your hair before making an updo so that your hair looks clean and healthy. Use L’Oréal Paris EverCrème Cleansing hair conditioner to hydrate the hair and to give you that luminous and thick look and make it more easy to manage. Even though it should look messy, definitely use hair spray after you’re done with your updo to finish the look. L’Oréal Paris Elnett hairspray will make sure your up-do lasts all night.


Source: L’Oréal Paris


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