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Beauty Tips from Sexy Makeup Studio Expert

Elizabeth de la Torre would like to introduce beauty expert Claudia Chiu, from Sexy Makeup Studio, who will be providing valuable beauty tips for quinceañeras.

Claudia Chiu is a dear friend of; she has participated in several of our events including our expos and cover girl events. If you like the makeup of our Cover Girls and Image Girls, then Claudia Chiu is the makeup artist for your quinceañera!

Beauty expert Claudia Chiu shares essential beauty tips through an exclusive interview.

1. First tell me more about yourself and your business in the world of beauty
Well, I’m a very passionate person. I love beauty in all its ways. I love the way that you can create different looks with the magic of make-up to not only look but feel beautiful.

I have over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, working for TV shows, celebrities, music videos, soap operas and my specialty: brides and quinceañeras.

2. What famous people have you done makeup and hair for?
My favorite celebrities include singers Jenny Rivera, Lupillo, Don Pedro Rivera, Shaila Durcal, Horoscopos de Durango, K-Paz de la Sierra, and Patrulla 81.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work with personalities such as:  Laura Flores, Vanesa Villela, Carmen Villalobos, and Jan Carlos Canela. I have done makeup for a few TV shows such as Descontrol and 12 Corazones for Telemundo and Quiero Ser Grupero for Azteca America.

sexy makeup studio

Claudia’s expertise is doing makeup for brides and quinceañeras.

3. What are three things you love about what you do?
I really love what I do because I enjoy making people look and feel beautiful. Second, I can connect with new people and create lasting friendships. Lastly, doing what I love has helped me achieve my goals and has given me a lot of satisfaction in life.

4. For girls who seek to become beauty experts, what beauty advice would you give them?
I started beauty school when I was 15 years old, so my advice to these girls would be to prepare and educate themselves and be the best. Success comes after a lot of hard work.

5. What do you see as a major problem many teenage girls are making when applying makeup?
Many teenagers make the mistake of applying the wrong skin tone or too much eye shadow. I recommend starting with very light makeup until they can ask a professional for advice.

6. What is one beauty tip that is important for every girl?
Something really important is definitely to know the different skin types out there. For foundation, try out different shades and types till you find the perfect one for your skin tone and type.

7. Is there a specific beauty regimen that you recommend?
Definitely one of  the most important beauty tip will be to follow a cleaning regimen every day. Wash your face in the morning and before bedtime. This is necessary to avoid pimples and blackheads.

8. What are three beauty products you think every girl should have at all times?
Basically compact powder, blush, mascara and lip-gloss are the beauty essentials to achieve a fresh and natural look.


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