Beauty tips your mom never told you about!

Rosalynn Martinez

As we all know, there exists a large number of beauty tips all over the internet. But yet we are all on a constant search for those beauty tips which can make our everyday life far simpler… and of course the one’s that make us look better as well!

Here are some of our all-time favorite tips that keep our life simple while looking our best!

  • We all dislike how time consuming it is for our fab manis to dry…. and how we always somehow manage to smudge it. To avoid this mess, and to quickly dry your nails after applying nail polish, just dip them in a bowl of ice water! We can assure you’ll never dry your nails the same again.

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  • We’ve all wished that the Quince Madrina will grant us the wish of flawless frizz free hair… well we can all stop wishing and just sleep with a silk pillowcase! Not only will you prevent frizzy hair by sleeping on a smooth surface of a silk pillow, but rumor also has it that it helps in the premature wrinkling of your face!

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  • For beautiful fuller lips just apply the shimmer gloss over the lipstick which has one shade lighter color then the color of the lipstick applied by you.

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  • To treat dry, split ends use vitamin e oil to nourish and condition the ends overnight to wake up to smooth ends!


  • To make lipstick last apply liner & lipstick then place a tissue over your lips and blot. Then while still holding the tissue apply a transluscent powder. This will create a matte look, but it will last longer as well!

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Do you know of any other beauty secrets most might not know? Share in the comments below!

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