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Dos and Don’ts for your Quince Makeup

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Of course every girl wants to look her best at her party and since a young woman’s quince is supposed to be her first time wearing makeup, it’s important to apply it perfectly.

Here are a few helpful do’s and don’ts for your quince makeup!

Quince makeup


Apply False Eyelashes – False lashes can give you the dramatic and beautiful that is sure to impress your family and friends. They’re easy to apply with lash glue or you could look at having them applied by a professional.

Use Primers – You definitely want to use primers under your quince makeup in order to keep it in place throughout your entire day.

Apply a Finishing Spray – To set your makeup once you’ve achieved your desired look, mist on a high quality finishing spray.

Test Your Look – The best thing you can do to make sure your look is on point for your big day is do at least one trial run beforehand. Test your look yourself or schedule an appointment with a local makeup artist to get your look just right.




Apply Too Much Bronzer – It can be easy to apply too much bronzer if you apply your makeup in the wrong light. It’s best to take it easy on your blush or bronzer. Just simply sweep a little across your cheekbones, a bit across your forehead and along the bridge of your nose.

Layer on the Lip Gloss – Too much lip gloss can make your lips look droopy, so remember to take it easy on the gloss. Instead, wear a moisturizing lipstick that you can reapply when needed.

Overdo the Glitter – Wearing too much glitter or shimmer can make you look really shiny in pictures, which is why it’s recommended you only apply a little if any at all.

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