Easy Quinceanera Makeup Tricks to Follow

Grecia Hernandez

Are you wearing makeup for the first time at your Quince?

Or have you been applying it for a while yet wish to mesmerize your guests with something fresh and natural?

Follow the next easy peasy tricks on  your Quinceanera makeup and you’re guaranteed to WOW everyone!

5) Threading your eyebrows


Oh la la! What a difference!

No plucking, no waxing! By threading your eyebrows you’re actually framing your face to highlight your best, and sometimes forgotten, features.

4) The “Oh-So Popular” winged eyeliner

You love it, you want it but every time you want to try it you end up with smudged eyes, take a look at this easy peasy tutorial:


So chic! Click on picture for tutorial…

3) Keep your lashes curled all night!

Leaving your house with your lashes on fleek, only to notice they’re straight down as soon as you get the party. Never again, amiga! Here’s what you need to do to avoid this beauty mishap:



Click on image for more tips!

Other tips include: heating up your curler with a blow dryer before curling your lashes, the heat will make your lashes stay curl longer.

2) Go easy on the eye shadow

Choosing a two-toned Quince dress, is understandable but applying all colors of the rainbow on your eyelid is a tad too much, chica!

No need to exactly match your eyes to your dress or Quinceanera decoration for that matter, keep it simple…


Don’t let this be you!

1) Do your eyes or your lips, never both!

And speaking of keeping it simple, don’t go all-clown on us for such a memorable day. Do experiment with heavy makeup, say on Halloween? But stay classy for your special day.

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Learn how to curl lashes the right way by James Vincent here.

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