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Looking for fall makeup inspiration? From green eyeshadow, to negative space cat eyes, we put together the future makeup trends for fall 2017.

Get ready to see these makeup looks every for the fall and holiday season! These are the most popular makeup trends straight from the runways!

How about a pop of color on your face?

Green is the color trending right now…Try applyingΒ  green eyeshadow on your lids but makeup to keep the rest of your look natural!

Another color of the season that is popular to wear on your face is yellow especially yellow eyeshadow or eyeliner!

Orange is another color that is trending and is very flattering on warmer skin tones.

The color red is the hottest color of the season in terms of clothing but apparently it is also a popular trend to wear for makeup as well! Combining red eyeshadow and a red outfit is encouraged!

Looking for a more simple yet elegant look?

Try a dash of glitter on your lids but make sure to dab the glitter lightly over your lids. Make sure to put on eye primer beforehand so the glitter stays on all night long. Or, add some cute rhinestones around your bottom lash line, inner corner of the eye, or all around.

The Unicorn Highlighter effect is still trending…

Unicorn-inspired makeup has been popular for awhile now and it seems here to stay!

Glossy Eye Trend

We are loving the new glossy eye look and a fun way to mimic this look is to apply vaseline on top of your eyeshadow. Eye gloss adds a sense of sophistication to your outfit so reserve this look for special events.

Negative Space Eyes

Another new makeup look that provides a modern finish is the negative space cat eye look featured below.

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The makeup of a girl who craves to see more real skin texture... quirky makeup placement and less over edited faces on Instagram! Here is the thing, I am guilty of over editing in the past... it's easy to do as we get used to seeing our own faces so close up that we scrutinize and think oh I'll just remove that and I'll just soften that a bit more, our eyes become immune to it and then we go a bit more. My only issue with that is that it's unrealistic for the people at home to achieve those makeup looks. When everything is so so soft and diffused it confuses some as to why they can't get their skin to look like that. I'm sick of it all frankly. I'm so passionate about people doing what makes them feel most confident but when that may make others feel less confident as the people they follow are posting unreachable beauty goals it makes me sad! Be true to yourselves peeps. X LIPS: pencil skirt @ainselofficial LINER: @surrattbeauty liquid liner EARINGS: @magpieontherun

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