Fall/Winter makeup trends – and how you can easily recreate them

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Seeing as winter is rapidly approaching and fall is upon us, there’s an abundance of trends that are gorgeous for fall/winter.

Straight from the catwalk here are some of the trends and how you can recreate them – with not much makeup at all! If you’re just getting into beauty there are some super easy ways of being able to follow the trends without breaking the bank.

Flushed cheeks 

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Taken straight from the SKR 2018 catwalk, this look is very simple yet embodies some trends that can easily be created by the makeup you have at home. The rosy cheek look is a gorgeous trend and relatively easy to achieve. Any blush will work for this look and you just swirl your brush on the blush and onto your cheeks. Rose toned blushes are so gorgeous to use for this trend and if you’re looking at buying a new blush Milani do great quality affordable blushes (at around €8) so you don’t have to spend lots to achieve the desired look.

Lip gloss

A trend that’s quite popular all year round is lip gloss. Lip gloss is a pretty universal trend, I can definitely be seen sporting it all year round, but this year in particular I have been loving it. It’s an extra burst of moisture for the lips and it can look gorgeous! There are plenty of affordable lip glosses at the drugstore so you don’t have to break the bank!

Bold eyeliner

A trend for fall/winter that I’m probably least fond of is bold eyeliner on the waterline. I’ve always known that wearing black eyeliner on the waterline can make you look older (there’s a little makeup tip for you) so I was slightly skeptical when I saw this look on many catwalk shows for A/W 2015. However after seeing it with the eyeliner applied in a ‘grungier’ way I thought I might give it a go! What are my thoughts now? Well it’s growing on me… slowly. The trend can easily be achieved by lightly smudging kohl eyeliner on the waterline – you don’t need an expensive one to do this and many drugstore eyeliners are great! (A personal favourite is the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner).

Dark red lips? It’s the berry lip that’s taking its turn – but there is no need to be afraid!

Personally, I have a total ‘bold lip’ phobia and I’ll always stick to my comfort zone of nudey/pink lips (of which I own too many lipsticks in almost the same shade) but a trend I’ve seen a lot for this fall/winter is berry lips. Not quite the bold and sometimes brash dark red lipstick a lot of people manage to pull of, a berry lip is a great alternative. You can lightly apply it for a sheer look so don’t fear the darker lip options! A popular lipstick loved by beauty vlogger ‘Zoella’ is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107.

Despite some of the trends not quite being to my liking, there are easy ways you can achieve any one the looks above without breaking the bank!

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